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Jones Center LAN 2021

Rules & Registration

Our next event is scheduled for September 27th & 28th 2019!

Location Information:

Location: 435 N. Garland Ave.

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Time: Sept 27th  4:00 PM Setup, 5:00 PM Start!

till 5:00 PM Sept 28th! 

LAN Schedule (Tentative):


Tournament Schedule (Tentative):

PUBG! & APEX! & SMASH BROs & Overwatch & Warsow Instagib!

What should I Bring?

This is a BYOC (Bring your own computer/console) event.  We provide the tables, chairs, power outlet, and ethernet hookup.  You will need to bring the following items.

Computer Gamers

  Computer: Games should be installed and updated already

  Monitor:  Big Monitors are OK but you might want to ask. 


  Mouse: mouse pad recommended also

  Headphones: No speakers please

  Cables: Video and Power cables

  Power strip: Plug cables into strip, strip into outlet.

  Money: TBD, est $15

Console Gamers




  Power and AV Cables

  Power Strip

  Money: TBD, est $15

Drinks and snacks will be provided free of charge while supplies last. bring a snack to share.  

What should I NOT bring?

Speakers:  This is an open environment, if everyone brought speakers sound levels would quickly get out of hand

UPS: We map out all the buildings power circuits, ensuring we dont overload them with too many devices.  If you have an extremely power hungry system that needs special power accommodations, please let us know. 

Age restricted material: This is a public event where kids are likely to be present.  If you have to be above a certain age to purchase something, you shouldn't bring it.  Alcohol and tobacco are just a couple of examples.

Pets: I don't know why you'd bring a pet to a LAN, but just so we are clear... don't.   

Who can attend?

The LAN is open to the public at no cost, but individuals with computers or consoles will need to pay the $15 entry fee.    Drinks, snacks, and prizes are only available to paying attendees.  Minors must have parental consent and if below the age of 16, must have parental supervision at all times.  If you are below the Age of 18, but your parent isn't going to be there: YOU MUST bring a signed Afterlife LAN Waiver from your parents, And have a mode of transportation ALWAYS available.  That means no being dropped off and someone coming to pick you up later.  Additionally, please check the docs page for any additional waivers that will need to be signed by a Parent/Guardian to be eligible for prizes from certain sponsors.

What are the rules on internet usage?

Internet bandwidth is a finite resource. As such we want to make sure it is used primarily for gaming.  That being the case we have just a couple of restrictions. No torrenting to external sources.  No viewing or downloading of adult material.  Please download all of your games and updates before arriving at the LAN.  If you forget, or don't have access to reliable internet, we are running or own website on premises with all of our LAN games available for download.    

Questions? Contact us

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