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We are Arkansas biggest emerging gaming group focused on computer gaming, technology, & digital education in Northwest Arkansas & beyond. Many of us are IT professionals and have been hosting LAN parties for years.  If you wish to get involved outside of the AFTERLIFE LAN, feel free to request membership to our Facebook group here:

Check out our offical Facebook page for updates, schedules, and events!

Are you or someone one you know interested in helping out and joining our team?


We are looking for qualified individuals to help assist with:

  • Setup and tear down off event equipment and furnature

  • Intranet site development with experience working with IIS

  • Experts in DFS, NLB, and pfsense.

  • software developers / coders to analyse server asset discovery

  • Anyone with experience in acquiring donations or sponsorships. 

  • Anyone with experience in running dedicated servers for video games

  • Anyone with experience in running various tournaments

Send us a message via our facebook page or the contact us box below!  

*All positions are strictly volunteer, no monetary payments for service are provided.


Afterlife LAN started in 2016 as the brain child of Collin Allen. Starting his own business, Collin decided to rename his small LANs from being named after the locations they were hosted, into one single brand.  With the cooperation of FSLAN, WFCSC, and the NWA LAN communities, Afterlife LAN quickly took on new life and the mantle of being one of the largest LANs in Arkansas and the surrounding areas.  


Collin Allen

Founder - Afterlife LAN

Director of Public Relations

Director of Marketing

Head of LAN opperations

Jarod Medart

Founder - WFCSC

Technology Director

Web Admin

Sponsorship Coordinator

LAN Operations Tech

Questions? Contact Us

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